Zone’s office is closed on 3.-28.7. – Introducing our new mobile application and sanction system

Zone’s office is closed on 3.-28.7. During this period, we will not respond to messages sent to e.g. info(at) The sport services will start running again during August, and we will inform the exact starting schedule of the services later.

The free OnTheMove mobile app will be at your disposal in the future

Zone has implemented the OnTheMove mobile application, which is a free application for our customers to manage their bookings by our service provider Enkora. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the App Store. Using the app is not mandatory for Zone users.

In the future, Zone users can choose whether to use the Zone customer card or the OnTheMove mobile application. The Zone customer card is used for the check-in device located in the sport facilities, when check-in is performed before going to the sport shift or class. The check-in will also be possible via the OnTheMove mobile application, in which case the Zone customer card is no longer necessary to use. A distance limiter has been set for the mobile application, so check-in for the sport shift or class can only be done in the sport facilities. Check-in for the sport shifts and classes is mandatory, and a reservation without a performed check-in will lead to a sanction in the future (see section New sanction system below).

The OnTheMove app is a fairly new app, so there may be bugs in its usability. We work closely with Enkora to get the application developed and the user-experience as smooth as possible for Zone users.

Features of the OnTheMove app include:

  • Booking sport shifts and classes
  • Cancellation of reservations
  • Viewing your own bookings (including past bookings)
  • Check-in for the booked class/sport shift
  • Editing your own information

Here’s how to start using the OnTheMove app:

  1. Download the OnTheMove app from your app store (Google Play or App Store).
  2. Accept the terms and conditions of the application and add your e-mail address for which your Zone account has been created (if you have not yet created a Zone account, press the “Log in” button in the upper right corner of this page, where you can create a new account).
  3. You will receive a verification code in your e-mail, add the code to the place requested by the application (check the spam folder if you do not receive the e-mail).
  4. The application is now in use, and “Zone – Ammattikorkeakoulujen liikuntapalvelut” should appear on the front page as a service provider. Click on the logo to enter your account.
  5. When the “My products and reservations” view is selected at the bottom, you can see the validity of your sport or gym pass, as well as the reservations you have already done.
  6. When the “Lessons” view is selected at the bottom, you can browse and reserve the available services in the reservation system.
  7. Remember to check yourself in via the mobile app before the start of the class or sport shift. This can be done in the section “My reservations”, press the section that says “Validate”, and let the device use your location so that the check-in can be done.

New sanction system for reservations – always remember to check-in for the reserved class or sport shift

In the coming fall season (starting on August 1, 2023), Zone will implement a sanction system for reservations. You must always check-in for reserved sport shift and class (excluding streaming/online classes) by either the customer card on the touch screen of the self-service device, or via the mobile application in your own account. If the check-in is not performed for the reserved shift, this will cause the user to receive a note in the reservation system. The third notice received, which means that three reservations have been left unstamped, causes a 7-day reservation block for the user account in the reservation system. The reservation block is automatically reset after 7 days.

The reason for the implemention of the sanction system is the large number of reservations that are made in Zone’s services, but which are not used. We hope that the sanction system will prevent these unnecessary reservations, and thus free up places for those who actually want to take advantage of them.

The implementation of the new sanction system may involve system errors and other exceptional situations. We hope that Zone users are in contact with Zone’s customer service by email (info(at) at a low threshold, so that we can manually remove an unjustified note from the user’s account if necessary.

Wishing you a sunny and relaxed July!

– Zone Sport Planners Linda & Tuulia