Zone’s fall season has come to an end

Zone’s fall season ended on Dec 12th and the holiday break started. We’ll start again in January as gyms, ball sport shifts and instructed classes will begin on January 17th.

During the fall season we organized approximately 40 hours of instructed classes on different campuses. The five campus gyms and the sport pass shifts also found their audience well. The online classes that launched during the spring of 2021 were very popular and we will keep them in our sports calendar also during the spring season.

In the feedback survey the average grade given for Zone was 3,7. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the survey, we have tried our best to work with all the wishes when planning the schedule for spring season. Gift cards for S-group were drawn and we have contacted the winners directly.

Thank you for this fall, have a great holiday season and see you in January!