Try out tai chi, salsa and commercial dance

Zone offers one-time classes on November and December. There’s also a Dog Walking evening in mid-November: join us with or without your own dog.

Qigong and tai chi include coordinated moves that open and relax your body. They make you stronger, and improve balance, body and mind control. In this class you learn the basics in qigong and tai chi (posture, breathing, basic steps), and simple qigong moves. The 24-step Yang family form is also introduced. This class is in Myllypuro on Thursday 11.11. at 17.30-19.

Commercial class focuses on choreography. Before starting the dance series there’s warm up and practice steps preparing for the series. Both current and old music is used, main styles being pop, r&b and afro. This class is suitable for all backgrounds. The class is in Myllypuro on Monday 22.11. at 19-20.

Salsa is a music and dance style originated in Cuba. Even though this class covers the basic steps, rhythm and how to use your body, the most important thing is having fun and enjoying salsa! We will learn the steps first, and then build a choreography. Our previous Salsa class sold out quickly, so reserve your spot soon! This class is in Myllypuro on Thursday 2.12. at 17-18.

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