Thank you for the 2021-2022 sports season!

Zone Sports started its’ summer break on Thursday 23.5, thanks to everyone who used our services during the past academic year!

Contrary to previous years, after the summer break our sports services will continue in Myllypuro and Myyrmäki already in the second week of August with badminton, sport hall and gym shifts. The actual fall season will start on September 5, when the services return to all of the five sport venues.

  • 24.6.-7.8. summer break
  • 8.8.-4.9. badminton, sport hall and gym shifts in Myllypuro and Myyrmäki
  • 5.9.-16.12. fall season: services on all of the five sport venues

User feedback was collected throughout April

During the spring, we organized 31 hours of instructed classes every week on four campuses and online. The gyms were open on five campuses and there were three sport halls available for ball sports. In addition, we offered 26 different sports courses to enliven our sports calendar.

We collected feedback about the spring season through April, thanks to everyone who responded! In the feedback survey, you gave Zone an overall rating of 3.8 (on a scale from 1 to 5). Among the respondents, the most used services were gyms, instructed classes and badminton.

In the written feedback section, our users gave us praises especially about the instructed classes and Zone instructors. In addition, we got positive feedback about the various sports courses and online classes. We also got many wishes that we are aiming to fulfill during the next sports season.

Most of the critique focused on the campus gyms. We will do our best to develop the gyms for the fall season in cooperation with the UAS’s that are responsible for gym equipment.

Three S Group vouchers were drawn among the respondents of the survey and the winners have been contacted personally via email.

Thank you for the past sports season and welcome to move with us again in August!