Sport Services for UAS staff

Our student sport services are also available for the staff of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia.

A Sport Pass for staff costs 69 € for an academic year or a calendar year, and 59 € for a semester.

A Gym Pass, which allows you to access the gyms only, costs 20 € for an academic year or a calendar year and 15 € for a semester.

Services for UAS staff

We offer all the same services to staff members that we offer to students. One of our goals is to strengthen the sense of community among those involved in the daily life of the UAS’s, and thus we encourage both teachers and other staff members to participate in our instructed sport activities together with students.

We offer our services in six campuses situated around the Capital Region: In Arabia (Arcada), Malmi (Haaga-Helia), Otaniemi, Tikkurila (Laurea), Myllypuro and Myyrmäki (Metropolia).

With a Sport Pass you get access to instructed classes, ball sports, free sport hall reservations, gyms and Yogobe Online Yoga Service.

In addition, Zone organizes a wide range of sport activities during the academic year, including ball sport courses and tournaments, and offers all UAS students and staff the opportunity to book paid court reservations from sport halls even without a Sport Pass.

How to get started?

You can buy Sport and Gym passes from a service point of the student union of your own UAS.

The staff of Metropolia can use their Smartum Exercise and Culture benefit to pay for the Sport and Gym Pass at the service points of the student union METKA. The staff / exercise benefits of other UAS’s are not yet accepted as a method of payment at the student union service points.

Note. You can speed up your visit to the service point by creating a Zone account beforehand, by clicking the yellow login button at the top menu of this page. If you already have a Sport Pass, do not create a new account. You can activate the newest sport season to your existing account at the student union service points.

You can book all the weekly services at Zone Reservation Calendar.

You have to log in to each reservation by using the Sport Pass log-in device (situated at every sport facility).

Click here to explore our terms of service.

For more info, you can contact our staff at info(at)