Campus sport services remain suspended for rest of spring season – online classes continue until 7.5.

All Zone Sport Services organized in UAS campuses remain suspended for the rest of the spring season due to the current COVID-19 situation and the restrictions imposed on the use of UAS sport facilities.

While the campus services are closed Zone offers sports activities in the form of online classes. The online classes continue until 7.5.2021. For online classes you can jump in wherever you want. The classes are held in Zoom so all you need is an internet connection and the screen or your phone, computer or tablet. The duration of the classes varies from half an hour to 75 minutes and they are designed so that you can easily participate even in a smaller space.

The class schedule includes for example pilates, yoga, body maintenance and core workout. Welcome to exercise online with us!

This is how you participate in the classes

1. Book your class from Zone calendar by the time indicated in the class description.
2. Before the class starts we will send you an email with a link for the class in Zoom.
3. Open Zoom on time and enjoy your class!

General instructions for Zone online classes

  • Do not make reservations “just in case”. If you make a reservation and cannot attend for any reason, cancel your reservation.
  • The class starts always on time. The class instructor is not required to let you in, if you are late. You can enter the lobby before the class starts.
  • The classes are planned so that everything they require you to do can be done in a small area. If you need equipment, you will be noted separately.
  • You are allowed to communicate with the instructor and other people in the class. However, your camera and microphone should primarily be closed during the class so that the instructor can focus for the class. If you cannot hear the instructor, the video quality is low or something else seems to be wrong, please mention about that, it helps hopefully everyone! The Zoom chat can also be used for that.
  • The instructors are happy to get feedback about their classes either right after the class or via email later. You can always send your feedback to Zone as well to

Note! Also, be sure to use the versatile yoga classes of Yogobe Online Yoga Service, that are included in your Sport Pass. You can get the activation code for Yogobe by sending an e-mail with the subject “Yogobe” to info(at)