Sport Hall Shifts

We offer a possibility to book shifts from six different sport halls: Haaga-Helia Pasila, Haaga-Helia Malmi, Laurea Tikkurila, Metropolia Myyrmäki and Metropolia Myllypuro (sport hall and mirror hall).

All reservations are made from Zone Reservation Calendar.

What different sports can be practiced in the sport halls?

Metropolia Myyrmäki fits best for badminton, volleyball, small-field floorball, dance and fitness exercises.

Haaga-Helia Pasila and Metropolia Myllypuro’s sport hall are ideal for most ball sports, such as badminton, futsal, volleyball, floorball and basketball.

Laurea Tikkurila, Metropolia Myllypuro’s mirror hall and Haaga-Helia Malmi are best suited for dancing, yoga and body care, for example.

What equipment do I need to bring with me? Who is allowed to participate?

You can borrow equipment from the sport hall equipment storages, as long as the equipment is returned to its place at the end of the shift. You can also bring your own equipment with you.

The person who makes the reservation takes full responsibility for the equipment and venue. All persons who participate in the shift need to have their own Sports Pass.

When arriving to the sports facility you have to check-in by using OnTheMove mobile application.

Ball equipment


  • Futsal: 2 goals, balls
  • Badminton: nets and poles 4 pcs (4 courts), rackets, shuttlecocks
  • Floorball: 4 goals, sticks, balls, goalkeeper equipment
  • Basketball: baskets 2 pcs at the long ends of the sport hall, 4 pcs at the short ends, basketballs
  • Baseball: gloves left 13 pcs and right 3 pcs, bats 2 pcs, balls 2 pcs
  • Volleyball: net 1 pcs, poles 2 pcs (one court), volleyballs


  • Volleyball: net 1 pcs, poles 2 pcs (one court), volleyballs
  • Badminton: net 2 pcs, poles 4 pcs, rackets, shuttlecocks
  • Floorball: goals (small) 2 pcs, sticks, balls, goalkeeper equipment


  • Futsal: goals 2 pcs, balls
  • Badminton: net 4 pcs, poles 8 pcs (4 courts), rackets, shuttlecocks
  • Floorball: goals (large) 4 pcs, goals (small) 6 pcs, sticks, balls
  • Basketball: 2 baskets, basketballs
  • Volleyball: net 2 pcs, poles 4 pcs (2 courts), balls