Group exercise instructors

Instructors having classes on a regular basis at Zone introduces themselves here. Once in a while we might have other instructors as a substitute.

a photo of the group exercise instructorAlex Abdelmegid

Hello everybody! I’m Alex, a certified group fitness instructor since 2015. I usually instruct strength, endurance, and mobility classes. My methodology is to deliver the right techniques and push you to the next level. But most importantly is to have fun, challenge ourselves and smile. Waiting to see you all and have fun together. I will instruct you in English. I also can help you in Arabic and a little bit in Finnish. 

Hanna Hänninen photo of an instructor

Hello! My name is Hanna and I am a certified Pilates instructor and A Yin yoga instructor. I teach Pilates and Yin yoga at Zone. I have been instructing Pilates since the beginning of 2023 and I started instructing Yin yoga at the beginning of fall 2023. I first got to know Pilates through my dance hobbies, because Pilates has been a great way to strengthen and take care of the body. I attended my very first Yin yoga class in 2013 when I lived in Australia. The main goal in my classes is to get a good feeling physically and mentally. My classes are a safe space for every individual to attend to and enjoy the practises at their own level. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Ibrahim Ghareeb


Ida Hentunen


photo of instructorIina Ahola

Hi, I’m Iina and I instruct Pilates classes at Zone. I am a pilates instructor and dancer by my education. I have a long experience in guiding physical and movement work. Through my profession as a dancer, I have a deeper experience of the body and movement, both from the point of view of my own creativity and that of an instructor: I use this knowledge as a pilates instructor. I have undergone extensive Pilates training at Somatic Studio. I am enthusiastic about Pilates, because it is an exercise that strengthens the functionality of the body as a whole and the connection between body and mind. At the same time, Pilates exercises ground you to be present in this moment. As a director, I am precise and encouraging. It is important to me to create an atmosphere in class that enables new insights and the joy of movement for all participants. I instruct in Finnish and also in English.

Peter Kinghorna photo of the group exercise instructor

Hi my name is Peter! I will instruct street dancehall classes in Zone. I am a Jamaican who moved to Finland. I have been teaching Jamaican street dancehall culture in Finland since 2014. I am a former athlete from my younger days before dancing became my passion. My way of teaching about dance culture is mostly about fun and challenging yourself while learning the moves that bring out a good energy. I am looking forward to sharing with you something new and exciting for all. I instruct my classes in English but also if required I will explain as much in Finnish language also.

a photo of the group exercise instructorSaija Heinonen

Hey! I’m Saija, I primarily instruct fitness kickboxing at Zone every week. I have experience in different martial arts and active movement for over 20 years, Nuori Suomi instructor training and instructor experience for almost 10 years. As an instructor, I try to be gentle, but firm. It’s not always the best training day when you should take it with ease, but I put in effort when the trainer wants to get the most out of the exercises. I hope that everyone will have experiences of success from the class. I also help if the participant wants to develop, especially in technology. I instruct in Finnish and English, but I also help in French.

Sanni Vainioa photo of the group exercise instructor

Hey, my name is Sanni! I am a trained group exercise instructor with years of experience in different classes as well as a long background in competitive sports. I instruct floor classes as muscle and toning, mobility, body conditioning and acrobatics. As an instructor I am passionate and get excited about even the smallest success in my class. There is never too much cheering or laughter when exercising and training. My classes are held in Finnish and English.

Susanna Väätäinena photo of the group exercise instructor

Hey! I’m Susanna, I instruct muscle fitness classes and water sports. I am a sports advisor and personal trainer by education. I also have the qualifications of both a swimming instructor and a swimming supervisor. I hope that in my classes everyone feels welcome and accepted exactly as they are. The most important thing is to listen to your own body and move according to the mood of the day, every day cannot be the best training day and you don’t always have to give it your all. Above all, exercise and training should be fun! Interaction is important in both directions, so I hope that people will boldly give me feedback and make wishes, be they for example movements or wish songs! I instruct in Finnish and English.

a photo of an instructorSuvi Kelloniemi

Hi! My name is Suvi and I instruct dance and body care  classes at Zone. I have a master’s degree in dance performance, in addition to artistic orientation, my heart also beats strongly for exercise. As an instructor, I encourage you to immerse yourself in the experiential nature of exercise and do things for you. Participation can also look and feel different each time, that’s totally okay! I instruct my classes in Finnish and English.