Group exercise

Zone Sport Services offers approximately 20 classes of of group exercise in both fall and spring semesters. The classes vary from light exercise focused on mobility and well-being to high intensity training.

With Zone Sports Pass, you have access to all classes in three different group exercise class campuses: Haaga-Helia Pasila, Metropolia Myllypuro and Myyrmäki.

Group exercise schedule and making a reservation

The up-to-date class schedule and reservations: Zone Reservation Calendar.

When arriving to the sport facility, you have to check in via OnTheMove mobile application. A cancellation of booking for a group exercise class has to be made through the reservation calendar or OnTheMove mobile application latest 2 hours before the start of the class.

You can check the language of the class through Zone Reservation Calendar. The language(s) in which the class is instructed is indicated after the class name. The letters FI refer to Finnish and EN to English instruction. In the instructor introductions, you can see in which languages ​​each instructor is able to guide if necessary. The instructors of Zone are a group of sparkling professionals. They are happy to help you with all questions and concerns about the class.

Live Streaming classes (LS) via Zoom are included in the sports pass. Reserve a class via the reservation calendar or OnTheMove mobile application. Remember to choose “Live Stream”. Please note that the same class is also held at Myllypuro so pay attention to the location. You can join the class by logging into Zone Reservation Calendar on the browser.  Under the My Account menu is the heading External Links. Click the Zone Live Streaming link. Start the Zoom program. Enter the password written after the link to log in. If you participate in several live streaming classes in a row the instructor will end the Zoom meeting after every class for music license reasons. You must log in again for each class separately.

If you reserve a place for a class in Myllypuroo and LS is written after the class name, it refers to a live streamed class. In this case, the class is filmed live for remote participants. The camera is set to film the instructor and the remote participants hear the sound only through the instructor’s microphone. The customers who are in Myllypuro take part in the class behind the camera.

More Information

All questions, wishes and feedback about Zone Instructed Classes can be directed to Zone’s team by email: info(at)