Season starts with a free trial week

Zone’s spring season starts on Monday January 13th.

If you are not yet a member of your student union or do not own a Sports Pass, you will have the opportunity to try our instructed classes and ball sports sessions for FREE during the first week (13.1.-17.1.) of the season.

Without a Sports Pass you can join classes with free spots available. You can check out up-to-date reservation status of each class from the sports calendars at main page of our website.


At the start of the spring season, you can join instructed classes on four different campuses around the capital area (Myllypuro campus opens on Feb 2nd)

In January you can play ball sports sessions on three campuses. We hope to start new sessions as soon as we find few new Ball Sports Coordinators to coordinate them, so keep an eye on our ball sports schedule to keep up with all the latest additions.

Those who already own a Sports Pass can also play ball sports by reserving either a single badminton court or alternatively an entire sports hall and by signing up for the badminton league. In addition, Sports Pass holders can purchase spots at a discounted price from a selection of sports courses  offered during spring.

Without a Sports Pass, you can participate in the floorball and futsal leagues, which will start in February.


Our selection of sports will increase in early February as the new sports facilities in Metropolia’s Myllypuro campus become available.

The instructed classes and ball sports organized in Myllypuro can already be viewed from Zone Schedule. There will also be a new trial week in the beginning of February to launch the season at the new facilities.