3AMK Staff

Zone sport services are available to the staff of Haaga-Helia, Laurea, and Metropolia.

We offer all the same services to staff members that we offer to students. One of our goals is to strengthen the sense of community among those involved in the daily life of the UAS’s, and thus we encourage both teachers and other staff members to participate in our exercise activities together with students.

NEW! It is now possible to purchase a Single Visit Pass, which allows a one-time visit to the exercise class or shift of your choice. With the single visit pass, you can join group exercise classes, ball sports, badminton shifts, or use the gym.


Sport Pass

  • Sport pass for a semester (6 months): 60 €
  • Sport pass for an academic year or calendar year (12 months): 75 €

Gym Pass

  • Gym pass for a semester (6 months): 20 €
  • Gym pass an academic year or calendar year (12 months): 25 €

Single Visit Pass

Students 6 € and Staff 9 € (valid for 1 month from the purchase date).

Services included in the Sport Pass:

  • Instructed group exercise classes
  • Livestream classes
  • Badminton shifts
  • Ball Sport shifts
  • Access to Gym
  • Right to reserve a sport halls 
  • Yogobe online training service

Services included in the Gym Pass:

  • Access to Gym at five campuses

Services included in the single visit pass:

  • Instructed group exercise classes
  • Livestream classes
  • Badminton shifts
  • Ball Sport shifts
  • Access to Gym

How to get a sport pass?

Start using Zone sport services by:

  1. Log in to our website with your Zone account. If you are a new user, create a Zone account by clicking the yellow “Log In” button in the top menu of our website.
  2. Purchase a sport or gym pass from our online store.
  3. The sport pass will be automatically activated after purchasing the product through the online store.
  4. Download the OnTheMove app and log in with the email address you used to create your Zone account. The OnTheMove app is Zone’s reservation system.
  5. Book a sport classr shift and enjoy the movement!

Note: If your sports pass does not activate automatically after payment, send an email to info@zonesports.fi, and we will activate your new sports season.

Epassi and Smartum Exercise and Culture benefit are available as a payment. In SmartumPay app the correct venue for Zone Sports is: Metropolia Ammattikorkeak opiskelijak. This should be the first option if you search “metropolia”.

Using the Services:

Sports classes and shifts must always be booked in advance via the Zone booking system on the browser or in the OnTheMove app (available on Google Play and AppStore). 

You must check in for reserved shifts before they start via the OnTheMove app. Failure to check in for a reserved shift or class will result in an automatic notification email. Three notifications will result in a 7-day booking ban in the reservation system.

Read more about the terms of service for sports services here.

For more information on the sports services, contact the Zone team at info@zonesports.fi.