Participate in Zone’s website renewal workshop, you will receive a movie ticket as a reward

People on a white board

Do you like to come up with ideas? Are you interested in working in a workshop? Come and get to know the other participants, come up with ideas together and independently, further refine other people’s ideas and give feedback on Zone’s current website. There is time during the workshop to familiarize yourself with the website, participation does not require prior preparation. We are looking for current customers of Zone as well as those for whom Zone is a new acquaintance.


Time: Wednesday 15th May 2024 at 1.00 – 3.30 p.m.
Place: Metropolia Myllypuro (the exact location will be announced later for the participants)
What: workshop to develope Zone’s website, program includes a break
Take with you: a device to use Flinga e.g. laptop
NB! The language of the workshop will be Finnish, English or mixture depending on the participants.


All those who participated in the workshop will receive a movie ticket as a reward at the end of the workshop. In addition, we offer snacks (including gluten, soya and dairy products) in the workshop.

Register latest on 13th May 2024.