New courses for spring: Street Workout and Running Training!

Spring is here and the weather gets better every day! Although all sport venues are currently closed, fortunately you can always do different sports in the fresh spring air. But do you still wonder what can you do at all the outdoor gyms that you can find around the city? Or how could you find running training even more satisfying?

Our new spring courses are here to give you some inspiration for Street Workout and running training. Read more about the courses below and sign up at the student union online store!

Street Workout, beginners ONLINE

12.4.-17.5.2021 / 6. times
On Mondays at 17-18
Instructor: Mikko Laitinen, Helsinki Street Workout Club
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Have you ever wondered what all can you do with your own body weight?

In Street Workout you train a variety of more challenging movements such as muscle ups, handstands and human flags. However, anyone can start training the sport and you don’t even need any equipment to get started. Before moving on to the more challenging movements it’s good to master the basics of the sport.

At out Street Workout for beginners course you will practice basic movements of body weight training. You will learn the techniques correctly and safely. You will learn a bunch to work on at any outdoor gym. We guarantee that you will break a sweat during these classes!

The course is suitable for beginners and for those you who want to get a bit more challenge to a traditional body weight training. The exercise will be done using your own body weight only.

For the course sessions you need: only a little space to move around with a wall and a chair next to you. The classes are held at Zoom.

Basics of Running Training ONLINE (in Finnish only!)

Introductory lecture on Thusday 15.4.2021 at 17.00-18.15.
Total duration of the course is 6 weeks.
Instructor: Aki Nummela, Runner’s High
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Become a better runner with the best running coaches in Finland!

Basics of Running Training is built by Aki Nummela, the head coach of Runner’s High and one of Finland’s best marathon runners in recent years.

Basics of Running Training includes

  • a 75-minute introductory lecture, during which Aki Nummela guides the listeners to the basics of running training.
  • Running School Online, an online course with lessons that include both theory and practical exercises. The course lasts for six weeks and consists of 13 lessons and 6 workouts. You can access the exercises immediately after the introductory lecture.

The course includes essential information about running training that will help every beginner to start running as a new hobby. During the course you will learn more about for example running techniques, versatile training and the rhythm for training in everyday life. At the introductory lecture it is also possible to ask running related questions from the coach.

The course is well suited for anyone who wants to understand more about running and running training.

NOTE. All course materials and lectures are available in Finnish only. The introductory lecture is held at Zoom. You can find the workout sessions at Runner’s High’s own media library.