Instructions for the users of campus gyms

With Zone Sport Pass, you can use the gyms located on the UAS campuses.

The campus gyms are only available with pre-bookings – this means that you have to book your workout session in advance and there can only a limited amount of people at a time working out in each gym. In Myyrmäki gym there can be a maximum of six persons at a time, while in Myllypuro, Pasila and Tikkurila the maximum is eight.

During Zone’s opening hours, the gyms are available for students and staff members with a valid Zone Sport Pass or a Gym Pass. The workout shifts are booked from Zone Calendar.

You can make reservations for gyms two weeks in advance and you can have a maximum of eight bookings at a time.

Note. Please remember to login to your reservation with your Sport Pass at the Self-Service Terminal situated outside the gym. Also, be sure to clean the equipment that you use at the end of your shift.

Zone opening hours at Myllypuro gym:

  • Monday 11-20.45
  • Tuesday 7.30-15 & 17-20.45
  • Wednesday 7.30-20.45
  • Thursday 11-20.45
  • Friday 7.30-20.45
  • Saturday at 10-16.45

Zone opening hours at Myyrmäki gym:

  • Monday 11-20.45
  • Tuesday 7.30-20.45
  • Wednesday 7.30-15 & 17-20.45
  • Thursday 11-20.45
  • Friday 7.30-20.45

Zone opening hours at Pasila gym:

  • Mondays 12-15
  • Tuesdays 8-11
  • Wednesdays 8-18
  • Fridays 12-16

Zone opening hours at Tikkurila gym:

  • Monday 12.00-18.30
  • Tuesday 10.30-18.30
  • Wednesday 13.30-18.30
  • Thursday 12.00-13.30 & 15.00-18.30
  • Friday 10.30-15.30

See Zone Calendar for schedule exceptions.