Terms of Service and E-Pay Terms of Delivery

Zone – Terms of Service

E-Pay Terms and Conditions can be found here.

These terms of service are valid from 5.6.2020.

1. Customer Groups

Zone – Universities of Applied Sciences Sport Services are for the students and staff of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia. The students of Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences and Humak University of Applied Sciences who are studying permanently in the capital region can also use the services.  These are the user groups of the services.

Sport Facilities are located within the campuses and are free for use as stated in these Terms of Service during the opening hours, when there is no teaching or third party reservations.

Students and staff have to prove the right to buy services:

STUDENTS of Haaga-Helia, Laurea, Metropolia, Arcada, Diak and Humak:
– A student card with a valid annual sticker (digital card is accepted) OR
– A valid University-issued attendance certificate and a proof of identity OR
– A proof of identity and a receipt of payment of the Student Union membership fee.

STAFF of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia:
– A staff card OR
– A most recent payslip with your proof of identity.

2. Registration and methods of payment

You have to register at a Sport Pass log in device in order to use the services. Sport Passes and other services are sold at the Student Union’s service points or at the Student Union online store. A sport pass bought online has to be registered and collected from a Student Union service point. The Sport Pass Card is free of extra charge. If the card is lost, the charge for a new card is 5 €.

Zone – Universities of Applied Sciences Sport Services does not hand over any registry information to a third party. Sport Services are using the general privacy policy outlines of the Student Unions.

3. Sport Pass and Gym Pass

Students of Arcada, Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia get the sport pass free of charge when they join the Student Union of the University. It is possible to buy the sport pass or gym pass without the Student Union membership.

With a valid sport pass you get unlimited access to instructed classes, ball games, badminton courts, sport court reservations, gyms and the Yogobe Online Yoga Service. With a valid Gym Pass you get unlimited access to all the gyms. Sport Pass or Gym Pass is valid when one of the following sport terms has been bought and uploaded:
– Spring term.
– Fall term.
– Two terms.

A sport term is uploaded to a separate sport pass. Sport Pass or Gym Pass, its username and password are personal and not be handed over to anyone else. Sport pass or Gym Pass and the sport terms can NOT be cancelled and there is NO possibility for a refund.

An instructed class can be booked at the website two weeks beforehand. If there is room, you can also participate without booking. If the class is cancelled, there won’t be a notification by email without the booking. You cannot participate in an instructed class late. Users register to instructed classes with Self-Service Terminal using a Sport Pass.

A cancellation of booking for an instructed class has to be mabe in the website 30min before the start of the class.

Sport Pass Reservations can be booked at the website two weeks beforehand. You can have a maximum of two bookings at a time.

Paid Court Reservations can be booked at the website two weeks beforehand. Paid Court Reservations are binding – they cannot be canceled or refunded.

A badminton court can be booked two weeks earlier. You can have a maximum of two bookings at a time. For cancellations, the same rules apply as with the instructed classes. It is possible to bring someone to play with you who is not a part of the customer group. The person who booked the court is responsible for the person(s) outside the customer group and any damage they might cause. Users register to badminton with Self-Service Terminal using a Sport Pass.

4. Sport and Well-being Courses

The courses have to be paid separately and can be booked and paid at the Student Unions online store. The course has to be paid before the starting of the course. An unattended session cannot be made up by participating in another session. You can also participate in a course, even if you can’t attend all the sessions.

Course registration is binding. Refunding of the course is only possible if the customer has a valid medical certificate.

If the course has to be suspended for a reason beyond Zone’s control, the priority will be to reschedule the canceled sessions to another date. If this is not possible, participants will be refunded the cancelled sessions.

If the course is cancelled entirely, the course fee will be returned without further delays.

5. Gyms

You are able to use the gyms with a valid Sport Pass or Gym Pass. Users register to gym with Self-Service Terminal outside the gym using a Sport Pass or a Gym Pass. With the sport pass you can use all the gyms of all the participating universities without limitations during opening hours. The gyms cannot be used during teaching and third party reservations. The opening hours of the gyms can be found at the Zone website.

6. Insurances and responsibilities

Responsibilities of Zone

– Zone Sport Services is not responsible for personal injuries or material damage occurring in its facilities to visitors or their personal belongings, unless the incident results from the service provider’s negligence.
– Zone Sport Services are not responsible for any belongings left by customers at the sport facilities.
– Zone Sport Services are bound by all the responsibilities mentioned in the Terms of Service.
– Zone Sport Services is released from its contractual obligations and from its liabilities to indemnify, if compliance with a contractual term is prevented or impaired by a force majeure event. Force majeure can be, for example, a fire, an earthquake, a flood, an explosion, a natural disaster, an order of an authority or other obstacle beyond the control of the parties involved, which was not known and could not reasonably have been foreseen.

Responsibilities of the customer

– Users of the Zone Sport Services agree to the current Terms of Service. The Terms are available online at www.zonesports.fi. Amendments to the Terms of Service will be announced online.
– The services do not include insurance coverage. Clients must ensure that they are covered by insurance against accidents at their own cost.
– Clients who use the services must have a valid sport pass or have paid for the service. The Zone sport pass is personal, and the right to the services it entitles the holder to is non-transferable. If misused, the Sport Pass will be cancelled, the client’s information will be recorded, and the client’s right to purchase and use services will be suspended for temporarily or permanently. After the suspension period, the client can have his or her rights restored by paying for the services according to the price list.
– When using the services, clients must always register their visit.
– Clients are expected to show consideration to other exercisers and staff members, observe the instructions provided by Zone Sport Services and its staff, and keep safety aspects in mind. Should a client breach instructions in a manner that endangers the safety or health of other clients or the staff, or acts in a way that damages or may damage exercise equipment, Zone Sport Services are entitled to cancel the client’s Sport Pass and suspend the client’s right to purchase and use services for temporarily or permanently, if the client does not immediately and sufficiently respond to request to amend his or her behavior.
– If a client damages exercise equipment, the client is liable to reimburse for the damaged equipment. Sport Services will charge a fee for broken sport equipment.

7. Renting the sport facilities for users outside the defined user groups

There is a possibility for users outside the Zone user groups to rent the sport facilities. The universities of applied sciences are responsible for determining which sport facilities can be rented.

The customers renting the sport facilities have the same responsibilities that have been defined in these Terms of Service at the part 6. In order to register a visit, it is enough for the client to inform the campus janitor or the sport hall supervisor. A client agrees to respect these Terms of Service by paying the rent or the first part of the bill of the sport facilities. The first part of the bill must be paid before the first time of a regular turn, or the turn is cancelled.

If the renting or part of it is cancelled by Zone, the customer will be reimbursed accordingly.


Zone – Universities of Applied Sciences Sport Services have a right to amend the Terms of Service.