FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Zone Sport Services

On this page we have collected questions and answers that people seem to wonder often. If you can’t find the information you are looking for from this page, please contact us through email info(at)zonesports.fi . We hope this page is helpful to you!

  1. What is included in the Zone Sport Services?
  2. Where are the services being offered?
  3. When are the services being offered?
  4. Who is allowed to use the services?
  5. What is the cost for using the services?
  6. How to start using the services? (students)
  7. How to start using the services? (staff)
  8. Where are the Zone service campuses?
  9. How to reserve classes and other services?
  10. How to check-in via the OnTheMove app?
  11. How to check-in with a self-service device?
  12. What if I forgot to check in for a reserved service?
  13. How to give feedback to Zone?

1. What is included in the Zone Sport Services?
Weekly sport possibilities that can be used with the Zone Sport Pass. Zone Sport Pass includes:

  • approximately 20 hours of weekly instructed classes throughout the season
  • gyms at several campuses
  • badminton shifts
  • sport hall shifts for ball sports or other private use
  • Yogobe online training service

The current services and service hours can be seen in our reservation calendar.

In addition Zone offers a variety of courses and sport trials to students with a discount price. The reservations and payments are done in the student unions’ webshop Kide.app.

2. Where are the services being offered?
Zone’s services are offered mainly on the campuses of universities of applied sciences in the capital region and online. The service offering varies depending on the campus. In the 2023-2024 season, services are available on five campuses:

  • Metropolia Myllypuro
  • Metropolia Myyrmäki
  • Haaga-Helia Pasila
  • Haaga-Helia Malmi
  • Laurea Tikkurila

You can find more detailed information about the location of sports facilities, directions and service offerings on the website’s sport facilities page.

3. When are the services being offered?

Sports services are mainly available on weekdays during the opening hours of UAS campuses. Zone’s sports season is divided into fall and spring sports seasons according to the semesters of UAS:

  • autumn season: September-December
  • spring season: January-May

In addition, the services are also available to a limited extent during the summer months, with the exception of July, when also Zone’s team is on vacation.

You can always see the campus-specific service offer in the reservation calendar.

4. Who is allowed to use the services?

The use of sport services is limited to students and staff of Metropolia, Haaga-Helia and Laurea, students of Arcada and students studying in the metropolitan area of Diak and Humak.

Students of other universities of applied sciences or universities in Finland are not entitled to use Zone’s services.

5. What is the cost for using the services?

You can use the weekly services on the campuses during the academic year with a Zone Sport Pass.

The most affordable option for Haaga-Helia, Metropolia and Arcada students is to buy a membership of their own student union, which includes the Zone Sport Pass as a member benefit.

Students of Laurea, Humak and Diak can buy a Zone Sport Pass as an additional service to the membership of the student union.

Sport and Gym Passes are sold to students of these universities even without student union membership, and of course also to the staff of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia.

We have compiled the current prices of sports passes by user group as well as instructions for purchasing a sports pass on the website’s sports pass page .
You can see the prices of extra-fee short courses and sport trials in the online store of the student unions (Kide.App).

6. How to start using the services? (students)

With student union membership:

First, get your student union membership and request the activation of Sport Pass at the same time. After you can decide to either pick up a Zone customer card from the student union service point, or start using OnTheMove mobile application. Either a customer card or a mobile application is required to perform check-in to reservations.

You can find instructions for obtaining student union membership and the delivery of a Zone Sport Pass on the websites of student unions (METKA, Helga, Laureamko, ASK, Humako, O’Diako).

Without student union membership:

Buy a Sport Pass at the service point of any student union.

Activating a new season to an existing Sport Pass (only METKA, Helga, ASK):

After renewing your student union membership, you can activate a new sports season in your Zone Sport Pass by contacting us via email at info(at)zonesports.fi

If you have a membership of another student union, contact the student union office of your own campus.
7. How to start using the services? (staff)

As a staff member, you can use Zone’s services as follows:

  1. If you are a new user, first create a Zone account for yourself by clicking the yellow “Login” button in the top menu of our website.
  2. Buy a Zone Sport Pass from the Zone’s online store
  3. After paying, you can either pick up the physical customer card attached to your account at the student union service point of your own university of applied sciences, or download our mobile application.

Note: If you already have a previously purchased Sport Pass, after making the payment, send an email to info(at)zonesports.fi, and we will activate a new season for you.

Metropolia’s staff have the Smartum as sports and culture benefit, which they can also use to pay for Zone’s sports pass. In the SmartumPay application, the right place to use the Smartum benefit is: Metropolia Ammattikorkeak opiskelijak. The place of use can be easily found, for example, by searching for “metropolias”.

In other universities of applied sciences, personnel / sport benefits do not work as a payment at the service points of the student unions for the time being.

8. Where are the Zone service campuses?

Zone Sport Services do not have their own on-call service point. You can always contact the Zone team via email at info(at)zonesports.fi.

The student unions of universities of applied sciences are responsible for the sale and distribution of Sport Passes, which can be reached at the following service points:

9. How to reserve classes and other services?

Places for classes and other sport shifts are reserved through Zone’s reservation calendar.

You must check-in to the class or shift with a log-in device located near the sport facilities or via OnTheMove app before entering the class.

Places for extra-fee short courses and sport trials are reserved in the online store of the student unions (Kide.App).

10. How to check-in via the OnTheMove app?

1. Check-in on the same day before the start of your shift/class. You can also check-in during the shift.
2. Open the OnTheMove app and the “My products & Reservations” tab. In this tab you will find all the shifts/classes you have booked.
3. Check-in to the booked shift by clicking on the “Check-in available” button under the booking. The button appears shortly before the start of the class/shift.
4. Confirm your check-in by clicking on the “Validate” button.
5. Check that the “Check-in available” status has been changed to “In”. If the phone’s network connection is lost, try check-in, for example, at school lobby.

Please note that the app needs permission to access your phone’s location data and that checking in is only possible in the proximity of the sports facilities.

11. How to check-in with a self-service device?

1. Display your Zone customer card on the self-service device. In most locations, the device is located on the wall next to the gym door.
2. Tap to select the service you wish to book/request.
3. Check-in for your shift/class using the green “Validate” button.
4. Tap “Quit” once you are done.

Please note that the screen should be touched slightly harder than a normal touch screen.

12. What if I forgot to check in for a reserved service?

If you didn’t remember to check in yourself for the reserved shift before the start of the service, try to check in yourself during your self service shift. Check in can be done with a Log in Device located in the sports facilities or via OnTheMove application while in the sports facilities (the mobile application has a distance limiter). There are no sanctions for not checking in virtual classes.

If you completely forget to check in, you will be reminded of the subject. First two are reminders. The third notice received, which means that three reservations haven’t been checked-in, causes a 7-day reservation block for the user account in the reservation system in accordance with our Terms of Service The reservation block is automatically reset after 7 days. Accidentally forgotten, reservations made at the wrong location, etc. will not be refunded.

13. How can I give feedback to Zone?

Feedback as well as ideas and wishes are always important to us for the development of sports services. You can send feedback to us by e-mail at info(at)zonesports.fi.