Important information about Myllypuro facilities

Sport Hall

Zone Sport Services started in Metropolia Myllypuro Campus on February. While the new facilities bring great opportunities to organize and develop Zone services, they have also brought up issues that are may take a while to solve. We at Zone thank all our customers for patience.

Below are listed the special temporary arrangements concerning Myllypuro. We are in discussion with Metropolia to help our customers to access the sport facilities easier in the future.

Access to the sport halls and gym

The sport halls and gym are located in building B, at the K floor. Use stairs to go to the K floor; if you need to use elevator, the reception services (building C) can help you.

Metropolia students and staff can use their personal Metropolia access cards to go to the K floor hallways. If for some reason your access card does not work, please contact the reception services. In instructed classes and open ball sports shifts, the instuctors will let you in to the sports hall. For other reservations, you need to ask the reception services to open the door to the sport hall. Prepare to show your Zone Sport Pass to them, as well as your reservation on your phone.

All other users (Haaga-Helia and Laurea students and staff; Arcada, Diak and Humak students) currently need to go through reception services to gain access to the K floor and sport halls, by showing their Zone Sport Pass and reservation on phone. In other words, when you arrive to the campus, visit the reception services (building C) first. The staff will guide you further.

Checklist for customers in Myllypuro sport facilities:

  • arrive well before the class or reservation starts!
  • if you don’t have access to the sport facitilies, please contact the reception services (building C)
  • be prepared to show your Zone Sport Pass and your reservation on phone
  • for instructed classes and open ball sports shifts, the instructor lets you in to the sport hall; in all other cases, ask help at the reception services