Gyms open in Myllypuro and Myyrmäki – reservations required 

After a long wait, the gyms finally open in Metropolia Myllypuro and Myyrmäki campuses on Tuesday August 17th 2021.

Myllypuro gym has all basic equipment needed for a good workout, including free weights, and machines for cardio and weight training. See pictures from the brand new gym on Zone’s Instagram.

In fall 2021, the gym is available for Zone users from Monday to Friday at 16-20.30. The opening hours may be extended when the planning for teaching schedules in the campus are finished.

The gym is located at Metropolia Myllypuro campus, in building B on floor K, next to the other sport facilities. In Myyrmäki the gym is located on the 3rd floor, next to the sports hall. 

Reservations for training in the gyms must be made beforehand

The gym is available to all students and staff with a valid Zone Sport Pass in the hours mentioned above.  

Due to COVID-19 safety regulations and making sure the gym is not crowded at any time, you need to make a reservation on Zone schedule for your workout session. There are both 1 hour and 1,5 hour slots available in the schedule, which will have spots for 8 people each. You can make a reservation 2 weeks prior, as usual.

Let’s ensure a safe training environment by following the instructions below:

  • Make a reservation beforehand
  • Only use services when you are healthy
  • Wash your hands before and after using the gym
  • Keep a safe distance to other users
  • Clean all the equipment after using it
  • Use your own towel and gloves if needed
  • Arrive just before your reservation and leave immediately after you are done
  • Wear a face mask before and after your workout