The new sport season is here – welcome to move with us!

Zone Sport Services have started the fall season – welcome to move with us again after a break!

The fall season lasts until 16.12.2020, although the instructed activities end at 27.11.2020.  You can make reservations for classes 2 weeks beforehand, as previously.

NOTE! Sport facilities of Haaga-Helia Pasila and Arcada Campus won’t be in our use in autumn season.

Therapy pool in Metropolia Myllypuro taken into use

The wide selection of instructed classes is offered again in fall, based on the customer feedback. For example the most wanted classes, such as LatinoShow in Myllypuro and Pilates in Myyrmäki are once again available in our sport calendar.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to the schedule is a class held in the therapy pool in Myllypuro. The AquaZone class will be held on Wednesdays at 16.30-17.15. Other novelties of the fall season are DanceAerobic, DanceMix, Movement, Nia and StrongNation classes.

In addition to the instructed activities, Zone wants to make independent exercise more available than before. The dance hall in Myllypuro is excellent for example training choreographies, and it can be reserved for your own use with Zone Sport Pass.

Courses in volleyball, badminton and tennis

The courses offer a great opportunity to learn basics in new sports with expert guidance. In fall, both beginner and intermediate courses in volleyball, badminton and tennis are organized. From this fall on, the student union members get a greater discount than before from courses: 40 % off the full price. You can find more detailed information about each course at the student union online store.

More badminton reservations were highly requested in the customer feedback. Therefore, from October there will be badminton available in Metropolia Myllypuro also during daytime, from Monday to Friday at 8-16.

Yogobe available also in 2020/2021, Myllypuro gym still under development

The popular and well-liked Yogobe online platform is also be available for those with Zone Sports Pass in the newest sport season. A membership acquired during season 2020/2021 is valid until the end of August 2021.

The Myllypuro gym is still under development. The gym is greatly anticipated by our customers and also by us in Zone. Unfortunately, we have not yet gotten confirmation when it will be equipped and taken into use from Metropolia. All queries about Myllypuro gym can be sent directly to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

The effects of COVID-19 in Zone Sports

We hope that all our customers can feel safe when using Zone services in fall season.

Due to the pandemic, slightly fewer participants than normal are admitted to the classes. In addition, we encourage everyone to use their own equipment in the classes, such as yoga mats. There is hand sanitation available in all facilities.

Please consider other customers as well by following instructions for good hand hygiene and coughing, and keeping the safe distance. You should only join classes and shifts if you are healthy! This rule is also applied to Zone instructors, and in some cases, the classes may be cancelled in short notice.

You can read more about the special arrangements here.

If the pandemic situation prohibits Zone to organize services in campuses, we will offer the services online.

Zone has a right to make changes to the service selection based on the guidelines by the universities that make decisions about the facilities, if the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are taken into use again.