Laurea Tikkurila

Address: Ratatie 22, Vantaa
Services: sport hall shifts, gym
How to get there: enter from Ratatie. Changing rooms are located on the ground floor, the gym is located on the 3rd floor and the small dance hall on the 4th floor. Lockable cabinets can be found from both the lower lobby and the gym.
Opening hours: see Zone’s calendar

Janitor: 0400 142 657
Changing rooms: yes
Showers: yes
Location of Zone log-in device: outside the gym and the small dance hall
Wheelchair accessibility: facility is accessible

You can buy Sport and Gym Passes at this campus from the office of Laurea’s student union Laureamko.

Please note that there are senior groups, coordinated by Vantaa city, also using the gym. Students can use the gym while the senior groups are there even though it may be crowded.