Zone’s fall season has started

All Zone Sport Services have now started and instructed group classes are rolling weekly starting from Monday 5th September. Also gym shifts, badminton and other sport shifts are available for Zone Sport Pass owners. You can reserve a spot to all classes and sport shifts already 14 days in advance. See the calendar by scrolling down on our front site or log into the reservation system. Additional sport courses with small extra cost will be published during the beginning of the fall. Start following our instagram @zonesportsfi and see more content about upcoming classes!

Zone’s instructed group classes

All 30 hours of weekly instructed classes are free to use with Zone Sport Pass. Instructed classes are available on 3 campuses: Myllypuro, Myyrmäki and Pasila. 

There are over 20 different instructed classes available this fall, including kettlebell class, pilates, yin yoga, water workout, body maintenance, salsa and bachata. One of the new classes is “gym workout for beginners”, which has been wished for by students. Small updates to the calendar are possible during fall. Reservations for the classes are done through reservation system.    

Zone instructed classes fall 2022
Zone’s instructed classes fall 2022

Zone’s courses

Zone offers many fun courses with small additional fee throughout the semester. Courses can be one-time try-outs or last a few weeks. As a student union member you get all the courses with a discount, but also non members and UAS staff can purchase courses with normal price. Upcoming courses include the ever-popular tennis, badminton and volleyball courses, that are available for reservation already now! More courses will be published in the near future, stay tuned.

Check all our courses and sign up through

How to get your Zone Sport Pass?

You can get activate an old Sport Pass or get a new one most easily through the student union of your own university. We have gathered all necessary information about getting a Zone Sport Pass on our website here. 


Questions? Contact us through, we are here to help.

Zone Sport Planners are wishing you an energetic fall!