Access to Myllypuro’s sports facilities will change starting from April 11th

Important announcement regarding all users of Zone Sport Services:

Access to the sports facilities on the basement floor (K floor) of the Myllypuro campus will change from Tuesday, April 11, 2023. In the future, all areas on the K floor will be locked, and access will only be possible with a Metropolia access card. This applies to sports facilities, changing rooms and access to the K floor via the elevator and stairs.

Metropolia’s students and staff can use their own access card to use the sports facilities. Sport shifts offered by Zone Sport Services (group classes, gym, badminton, and sport hall shifts) will continue to be booked normally from Zone’s reservation system. 

Other user groups of Zone Sport Services will in the future receive a temporary access card from the Myllypuro campus reception, with which they can use the K floor sport facilities. Other user groups are the students of Haaga-Helia, Arcada, Laurea, Humak and Diak, as well as the staff of Haaga-Helia and Laurea. A temporary access card is given to a person who shows the Zone Sport Pass (the physical Zone card). The temporary access card is returned to the campus reception after the sport shift. For customers coming to the pool area for a water workout class, the door and the pool area on the K floor are opened by remote control from the reception.

Only the owners of a Zone Sport Pass (or Gym Pass) are entitled to exercise during the sport shifts of the Zone Sport Services. For badminton shifts, it is possible to take one person outside the Zone user groups as a playing partner, in which case the person booking the shift is responsible for the passage of the outside person in the sports facilities. Unauthorized persons in the sports facilities will be directed to leave the premises.

Any questions? The employees of Zone Sport Services can be reached by email at info(at)