A sports courses are arranged during autumn and spring semesters.

The aim is to keep the course selection wide so that everybody can find an easy way to move. Everybody are  welcome to the courses, but you get a discount with the Sports pass.

The ones who have a Sports Pass has possibility to try out some of the sports courses before purchasing the course. A trial classes can be found in the instructed calendar with the word “Kokeilukerta”, which you can be make a reservation in the same way as instructed classes via registration system.

Check out the sports course selection at the bottom of this page and sign up!

Register for the course by paying the course fee in the booking system. After that, you only need to pop up at the course venue at the correct time!  The course instructor will give you other necessary instructions. If there are not enough participants, ie. the minimum number of participants is not met, the course will be canceled. In this case, the course fee will be automatically returned to the payer’s account. The cancellation information of the course will be send by e-mail.

Check out the schedule from our course calendar and sign in!

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