Sport Facilities in Myyrmäki Campus

The new Metropolia Myyrmäki Campus is now open, but sport services are very limited at the moment. We are working together with Metropolia to get everything ready. Here is information about the current situation:

Sports Hall:

  • The acoustics of the sports hall will be improved before the end of the year.
  • Speakers, microphones and a new sound system will be installed next spring, we do not know yet when.
  • At the moment we only have instructed classes in Myyrmäki. Check out the timetable here.
  • There will be a Pump class weekly as soon as Metropolia can move the equipment for the class from Vanha Viertotie campus.
  • The badminton reservations will start after Metropolia can move the equipment from Leppävaara campus. Once this is done, you can book a court from the reservation system.


  • At the moment there are old gym equipment, we are waiting for this to be transported away.
  • We are waiting for better gym equipment to be transported from other Metropolia campuses.
  • There will most likely be at least some brand new equipment at the gym, we are currently working for finalizing this.
  • The gym will be open when the new equipment has been installed so that it’s safe to use. Unfortunately we can give no estimate when this will be done, it depends on Metropolia.

General info:

  • Self Service Terminal for Zone users has not been installed yet. You will need this to sign in for all the sport services
  • Dressing rooms and showers are already ready.