Special arrangements in fall season (new info on the use of face masks!)

Zone Sport Services started on UAS campuses again on Monday, 7.9.2020. The following arrangements are implemented this fall to ensure the safe use of the sport facilities:

– Laurea, Haaga-Helia and Metropolia are strongly recommending to use face masks, especially in situations where it is not possible to keep adequate safety  distances. In accordance with the recommendations by the UAS’s and THL, we recommend to use a mask in the hallways, corridors and dressing rooms of the sport facilities during the acceleration phase of the epidemic.
– Slightly fewer participants than normal are admitted to the classes and shifts. Maximum number of participants is 8-15 people in instructed classes, and 10-14 people in ball sports (depending on the size of the sport hall)
– There is floor marking stickers to indicate the adequate safety distances in smaller sport halls
– Participants should bring their own yoga mats. Shared yoga mats are not available
– Participants should bring their own rackets and balls. Team bibs are not available in ball sports
– There is hand sanitizer available in all facilities

We also encourage our users to ensure a safe training environment by following the instructions below:

– Please join classes only when you are feeling healthy
– Wash your hands with soap before and after workout
– cough correctly; cough into a paper tissue and throw it in the trash after use. Alternatively, cough into your sleeve.
– Keep a safe distance with other participants. In ball games, avoid situations where players come into close contact.
– Bring your own yoga mat. Always use your own equipment if possible
– Always book your ball sport shift in the Zone calendar in advance. This way we ensure there won’t be too many participants.
– Avoid unnecessary stay in the sport facilities and take a shower at home if possible. Arrive to the sport venue only just before the start of your booking and end your shift in good time.

Please note that these instructions also apply on Zone instructors and due to that the classes may have to be cancelled in short notice (e.g. illnesses).

Let’s enjoy the sports and stay healthy together!

For more info, contact info(at)zonesports.fi