Services for beginners

Do you often wonder how to start exercising? Or do you feel nervous when training with other people around? Or you you are looking for your own way to be more active?

We at Zone-Sports Services are committed to supporting and encouraging all students to exercise in spite of your starting level. Exercise has significant effects on studying and other quality of
life – so dare to come in and find the right way to move around.

There are many ways to get started even from zero:

  • Start exercising with Zone-tutor For those who are looking to start a sporty lifestyle, we would first recommend to try instructed classes with our Zone tutor. With tutor, you can go for free to try two different instructed classes. In all three UAS there are nearly a total of 30 Zone-tutors ready to support and provide support to start a sport. The tutors will also arrange a low threshold of physical activities and a variety of all types of trial sports for everybody. For more information on the activities you can find from your own Student union. The best way to get in touch with tutors is through the Facebook Zone-tutors page. You can also send a message to the tutors through it.
  • Our personal trainers are individual instructors who are trained and experienced professionals. With them, getting started is easy and fun. In all the training is taken into account the wishes of the participant or the physical limitations. You can book your time either alone, with a friend, or get to together your own small group. In the prices  we have taken into account the tight financial situation of students.
  • Gym training is  For those who are interested in gym workouts or those who start training. We recommend the Know your gym – hours that are free for all our students. In the class, you will get know with the equipment of the gym and will go through their proper use. Exercise lessons for gyms are organized in various gyms and you can go without a separate registration. You only need to wear training clothes, indoor training shoes, a small sweat towel and a drinking bottle. yYu can find the classes from the instructed class calendar.
  • From Instructed classes we recommend for beginners a “Liiku lempeästi ” -class.  Group size is smaller in these classes than normal and the instructions are more individual than in normal instructed classes. The range of movement and the content of the class is designed specifically for those who are starting to working out or for those who are less active. This class is also a great way to get use to move in a group.
  • In  The sports courses  we offer free trial before the actual course starts (if you have a sports pass). After the trial class you can decide if you want to purchase the course. The trial classes can be found from the instructed class calendar.


If you have more questions do not hesitate to ask – we are happy to help you!
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