Personal Trainers

The Sport services will expand also in mental well being services later on.  We also are aiming to offer different kinds of well-being courses in a future.


Pt -services meaning personal training services. It is based on personal training or training in small groups. Our personal trainers are  experienced  in individual guidance and has a correct education for it.  Starting any sports or healthier lifestyle is easy and comfortable with our pt`s. Our pt`s always consider trainers wishes and physical limitations. You can make a booking by yourself, with a friend or collect a small group of friends. The prices of the services are inexpensive student friendly prices.

At the moment  we have two personal trainers Linda and Johanna. Don`t be shy and contact and arrange a meeting directly with either one.

Linda Kovanen

Linda has master of  education theory and has worked as household teacher in elementary school. Five years ago Linda began to move  more goal-directed and felt that she need it to learn more about nutrition especially vegetarian diets. This led to idea of writing a book for vegetarians who do sports. The book VEGEÄ -Liikkujan kasvisruokaan was published in 2007. On the free time this energetic and unstoppable coach does running, functional training, strength training and yoga.  Everyday movement is  is also part of Linda`s regular work days as she bikes to work and does little workouts.

Linda’s strengths in coaching are fitness improvement, body modification, optimized nutrition training and mental training. In the guidance of Linda,  beginners will find their own ways to move around so that they become routines in trainers life.

Contact Linda
Phone number: 0443 532 239
Blog: Vegetreenari

Johanna Väänänen

Johanna is Physical Education Teacher and Personal Trainer (FISAF). Johanna has been working on sports industry  about 20 years. Her sports background includes gymnastics, dance and all the way to floor ball up to the Finnish Championship.  Interest on sports drove Johanna at sport oriented-high school and continuing to study to be Physical Education Teacher at Pajulahahti Olympic Training Center.
When studying Johanna was highly interested on aerobic championships and later on she moved to gym and instructed class world. What motivates Johanna on her work is the results she sees on her clients. Specially the well-being and energy what you get from the exercising. At the moment Johanna´s favorites are body weight training, running, yoga and Pilates.

Johanna´s motto is: “Strong midriff is core to everything ”

Contact Johanna
Phonenumber: 0405 750 072

Personal training price list 

Control meeting102 €114 €
Includes a personal gym program that is gone trough with PT. 60 min.
Start-up package142 €
261 €
Contains three meetings a month, one which is called " start-up, where you go trough training program to support goals and individual guidance as needed, eg tips on dieting.).
Follow-up package214 €237 €
Includes three training sessions for the start-up package buyers. Use within 2 months.
Duo package178€ /pers (price for one time 59 €)196 € /pers (price for one time 65 €)
A fun and safe workouts based on team level and goals. Includes three 60-minute meetings
Small training group for students, 3-6 per.96 € /pers (price for one time 24 €)
A fun and safe workouts based on team level and goals. Includes three 60-minutes meetings
Small training group for staff, 3-12 per.180 € /h
Includes an hour-long workout together with your workmates All the fitness levels are welcome s of all levels are welcome. Fun workouts in a familiar group.
Break workouts, 6-20 persons 360 € /month
Includes one fun and energizing break workout per week for your workmates(duration 20 mins). In addition, the instructions of the workout for the workplace, the program changes monthly.
First beat Well-being analysis 202€
Includes three days analysis and feedback meeting
Nutritional coaching for active induvidual145 €/ month
Includes personal food journal analysis and four meetings (á 45 minutes) within two months.
New beginning -Well-being coaching174 €/month
Includes personal nutrition journal analysis and nutrition recommendations and four meetings (á 45 minutes) within two months.
Follow-up coaching102 €/month
Includes one 45 minutes meeting in month and electronic support by coach monthly

Do you have great ideas or wishes? Or are you qualified Pt? Don`t hesitate to contact us at

In the future well-being services will also offer massage services and physical consulting.