Season is over soon

Tue 30.4. and wed 1.5. are all instructed classes cancelled and ball games are limited in our reservation system.

Season for instructed classes ends on 3.5. and ball games on 24.5.

In may we offer some summer classes till 16.5.

Classes are:

Mon: 6.5. ja 13.5. klo 16-17 Pump in Englis, Alex (Myyrmäki)
Tue: 7.5. ja 14.5. klo 18-19 HIIT in English, Johanna (Arcada)
Wed: 8.5. ja 15.5. klo 16-17 Yogalates, Shisha (Tali)
Thu: 9.5. klo 16-17 Traditional Indian Yoga in English (Pravesh), Arabia161
Thu: 9.5. ja 16.5. klo 17:30-18:30 Commercial Hiphop, Dora (Tali)