New student, this is how you use the Zone sports services

Dear New Student, welcome to Zone sports services! Our sports services are located right next to your daily life as a student as we organize sports and recreational activities in eight campuses total, all situated in the Capital Region. This is why Zone sports pass is the best solution for one who wants to exercise around the capital city area as cheap as possible.

So how do you get to utilize the Zone Sports Services? For students of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia the cheapest option is to buy a membership of their own student union, as the Zone sports services are included within the membership. The students of HUMAK and DIAK can purchase the sports pass as an additional service, as it is not automatically included in their student union membership.

What do the sports services include and when does the season start? We provide instructed classes, ball sports as well as different kind of sports courses.

The schedule for instructed classes will be published on Monday 26th and on this day you can also reserve your place from each of the classes. The autumn season will officially start on 9th of September and it will last until 29th of November.

The schedule for ball sports will be published on 26th of August and the season will start officially on 9th of September. News regarding fresh ball sports activities will be out in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

The schedule for sports courses will be published on 20th of August on and on this day you can also purchase and reserve your place in each of the courses. Student union members get a -25% discount from the initial prices.

NB. On top of purchasing a membership of your student union, you have to activate the sports pass at one of the student service points located in the campuses.

Zone sports passes and gym passes are also being sold separately, without the student union membership.