New Self Service terminals

Self Service terminals for Zone Sports Passes have been updated!

There are now new terminals at Myyrmäki, Arabia 161, Pasila, Malmi and Otaniemi, which make registrations for instructed classes and gym easier than ever. Just show your Zone Sports Pass or Gym Pass to the terminal and follow instructions.

Tali Self Service terminal will not be updated as the campus closes after fall semester 2019.  Currently it is not possible to register for instructed classes either in Arcada or Tikkurila. Arcada will get their Self Service terminals soon. Therefore, the reservations in Arcada or Tikkurila do not need to be registered, and they will not be added to the user’s limit for unused reservations.

Remember to always reserve your place at instructed classes so that you’ll be notified for possible last minute changes and cancellations. If you can’t make it to your reservation, cancel it so that others can take your place.

Information and feedback can be emailed to us at Zone,