Instructed classes

Zone Sport Services offers approximately 40 hours of Instructed Classes in both fall and spring semesters. The classes vary from light exercise focused on body maintenance and well-being to high intensity training. With Zone Sport Pass, you have unlimited access to all classes.

Instructed Classes are currently offered in five campuses of four Universities of Applied Sciences in the Capital City Area. The Class Schedule is built around four categories: Body&Mind, Beat, Strength and Dance&Rhythm. The goal is to offer classes from every category in all campuses. You can see check out class descriptions from Instructed Classes Calendar at the bottom of this page.

The class instructors are professionals, who help you with all questions and concerns about the class. All instructors are prepared to guide you also in English, even though the class would be in Finnish in the schedule. There are also classes marked “In English”, which means that the language used in the class is English.

All questions about Zone Instructed Classes can be directed to Sport Planner Anna Salo, anna.salo(at)

Instructed Classes Calendar

(Included in Sport Pass)