Come and have fun with Pole Dancing or Sircus Mix!

You can still register to join Pole dancing or Sircus Mix courses!

Last date to register in to Pole dancing is 25.1. and Sircus Mix 28.1.

Pole dacing for beginners  you have a great chance to familiarize yourself to basics of pole dancing. There will be warm and supportative atmosphere at the course. The first classes will consist of basic elements (for example swings, sitting and standing on the pole). There will be time for repeting and learning the basic moves so you will have such a good start for pole dancing!

Sircus Mix for beginners you will have an opportunity to practice basics of floor and air acrobatics with the supportive company. On the floor we will practice somersault, cartwheel and handstand. Air acrobatics will include vertical fabrics, a rope, a ring trapeze and a normal trapeze. The course will move on slowly so you will get gentle entrance to the world of acrobatics.