More classes in Myyrmäki campus!

Leppävaara campuses intsructed classes will move to Myyrmäki campus. Leppävaara campus will be closed 4.3.

New classes in Myyrmäki are

Tuesday at 14.00 Core 30min in english, 30 minute training to tone your midsection by using your body weight, instructor Ibis

Tuesday at 14.30 Tabata30min, Tabata is a hard-working interval training based on high-intensity training. Tabata trains full-body movements that are made on the weight of your body, as well as various tools taking advantage of 30 minutes. Instructor Ibis.

Tuesday at 16.00-16.55  Entire Body, 55 minutes circuit training concept using bodyweight and some equipment like kettlebell and plates. The class work on endurance, core and increase stamina. Instructor Ibis

Thursday at 16.15-17.15 Frontline Boxing, Great fitness boxing class!

All classes are suitable for all fitness levels!