Sport Hall Reservations

Get your friends together, book a court from one of our sport halls and get the games started! Sport courts can be booked from Myllypuro and Myyrmäki campuses either as Sport Pass Reservations or as Paid Ball Sport reservations.

How do I make a reservation for a sport court?

Sport Pass reservations can be made free of charge for morning and afternoon hours from our reservation system only if you own a Sport Pass. Paid Ball Sport reservations for prime time evening hours can be booked also without a Sport Pass directly through the reservation system. One hour of court time costs 15 €, which is charged when making the reservation.

What equipment do I need to bring with me? Who is allowed to participate?

The players need to use their own rackets and balls when playing at the courts. The person who makes the reservation takes full responsibility for the equipment and venue. Only UAS students and staff are allowed to play in these sessions (see Zone Customer Groups).

What sports can I play in the sport halls?

The sport court at Myllypuro campus is ideal for badminton, futsal, volleyball, floorball and basketball. The sport court at Myyrmäki campus fits best for badminton, volleyball and small-field floorball.

If you have any questions about our sport facilities, please contact info(at)