Ball Sport Shifts

At Ball Sport Shifts you get to play futsal, basketball, volleyball, floorball and badminton with other UAS students and staff members. All shifts are open to players of all levels.

The shifts take place in the sport halls of Myllypuro, Myyrmäki and Arcadahallen.

Players who participate in the shifts start the games without the guidance of a coach or an instructor: the participants set the goals in place, decide the teams and end the shifts by themselves.

At some of the shifts, a Zone Ball Sport Coordinator is present to to open the locked doors of the sport facilities, to check up that every participant has a valid Sport Pass and to pick up feedback from the users.

How do I sign up for a shift?

You can secure yourself a spot for each shift by signing up through Zone Reservation Calendar. You can also find all current shifts from the calendar at the main page of the website.

All participants need to log in to each shift at the Sport Pass log-in device that you can find at every sport facility.

What equipment do I need to bring with me?

Please note that you need to bring all necessary equipment with you to the court.

In the equipment storages there are also a few balls and some floorball sticks, which can be borrowed for the duration of a session.